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  Go-Carts business.

  Business Overview

  At one time go-cart tracks were all the rage for fun and entertainment for kids and adults alike. Starting your own go-cart track may just put you ahead of future competitors. The business does require a fixed location or track to operate. However, with some clever planning and negotiations, you may be able to secure an operating location that can be partnered with an existing amusement or family entertainment business. Partnerships like this often work well, as each independent business works as a drawing card for the other, not to mention reducing overheads by nonduplication of operating requirements and expenses.
  start-up costs: As an independent business venture, a go-cart track could easily require an investment in the range of $250,000 (with leased land) to get rolling. However, as a joint venture with an existing entertainment or amusement type business, the business could be started for less than half of that amount.
  profit potential: Go-carts are rented in two ways. The first is where the rider pays a fixed amount of money for a certain number of laps around the track. The second method is when the rider pays a fixed amount of money based on the time they are on the go-cart track. In spite of this being an expensive business to start, a popular and well-established go-cart track can produce sizable profits for the business owner that can easily surpass $100,000 per year.
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