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Portable Dressing Rooms

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  Portable Dressing Rooms business.

  Business Overview

  Do you live in or around New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, or Vancouver? If so, then starting a business that rents portable dressing rooms to the film industry could put you on the road to financial freedom. The movie and TV production industry is booming, and operating a portable dressing room rental business can make you a financial star. Eighty percent of all movies, music videos, TV programs, and commercials are shot in or around the above-mentioned cities, and a lot of these film productions require portable dressing rooms for the cast, crew, and directors. Establishing this kind of rental business requires you to have a good contact base in the film industry. Portable dressing room trailers can be very expensive to purchase or build. However, the rental rates are very lucrative, especially once you have established a solid repeat clientele base. Portable dressing rooms can also be rented to businesses and organizations outside the film industry including, outdoor theater productions, and circus and carnival companies. Investment range $50,000 plus. Profit potential of $100,000 per year is attainable in this business.
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