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Beer Company Novelties

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  Beer Company Novelties business.

  Business Overview

  Are you searching for a unique retail business that can be operated from home on a part-time basis? If so, perhaps starting a business that buys and sells beer company novelties will be of particular interest to you. There is an absolutely gigantic market for collectable beer company novelties such as signs, posters, games, coasters, and specialty beer bottles. Scouting garage sales, flea markets, and newspaper classified ads can be the starting point of acquiring beer company novelty items that can be resold to collectors at enormous profits. Finding buyers for the collectibles can be as easy as posting free classified ads on various Internet newsgroups sites, as well as listing the beer company novelties for sale on the numerous online auction Web sites. It is possible to create a part-time income of $25,000 per year buying and selling collectable beer company novelties, providing a 100 percent markup is maintained on all items purchased and resold and yearly sales of $50,000 are achieved.
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