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  Online E-Mails business.

  Business Overview

  An online e-mall is a great cyberventure to develop and market. Online e-malls are simply a collection of retailers grouped together into one Web site. What makes this such a terrific business venture to activate is the fact that many small homebased or 'bricks and mortar' retailers simply do not have the capital required to develop and maintain their own Web site. You can come to the rescue and earn substantial profits by simply creating an online e-mall site and develop an interesting template for the home page that can feature participating retailers' logos. Visitors to the site would simply click onto a retailer (logo) that interests them and be linked to a pop-up page that describes the merchant's product. Additionally, you can add a shopping cart program and online payment options so that the merchants featured can take product orders right from the site. Income is earned by charging merchants a monthly fee to be included in the online mall or by retaining a small percentage of the sales the site generates. Additionally, consider making your online mall a specialty mall and group together retailers of similar and unique products as a method to differentiate yourself from other online e-malls.
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