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Sunglass Vending

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  Sunglass Vending business.

  Business Overview

  Selling sunglasses is a very inexpensive business start-up to get rolling, and the profits that can be earned are excellent. Establishing the business can be as simple as purchasing an initial inventory and selling the sunglasses right from a kiosk set up in a mall, at a beach, or at a busy weekend flea market. There are thousands of manufacturers of sunglasses worldwide, so there should be no problem finding a source for good quality and inexpensive sunglasses. Providing the right sales kiosk can be designed and that the right wholesale-to-retail pricing formula can be established, this simple little retailing venture is a good candidate to expand on a franchise basis and sell franchises to qualified owners-operators nationally in every region of the country. Seek licensing rights to popular people, products, or themes that can help in the marketing of the sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses that feature the name of a popular celebrity printed right on the glasses will sell better and for more money than the same sunglasses without the name or an endorsement.
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