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  Retailing wristwatches from a specially-designed sales kiosk is a fabulous low-investment business venture that anyone can own and operate. There are no special skills required to turn this business opportunity into a successful and profitable business enterprise. Watches remain one of the most popular gifts that are given on any number of occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or just for a job well done. Watches can be purchased on a wholesale basis for just a few dollars, and marked up 300 to 600 percent for retail sales. Ideally, the kiosk used for selling the watches should be located in a high-traffic area, such as a mall, busy flea market, tradeshow, or public event. The kiosk can be used on a part-time basis and assembled for special events and holidays. If the kiosk has the right location it can certainly be operated on a full-time basis year round. Once this type of unique retailing business has been established and proven profitable, it can be the perfect business model for franchising purposes or expansion by way of multiple corporate locations.
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