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  Online Gift Basket business.

  Business Overview

  Here is a simple idea for an online business venture that could prove to be very profitable. Create a Web site that features gift baskets for sale aimed mainly at the corporate market. Keep the site basic and provide perhaps only ten or so preassembled gift basket options. Additionally, try to cover all price ranges, meaning have a basic gift basket at $25 dollars and increase from there in increments of $10. Prices shown for the gift baskets should be all-inclusive including delivery and handling charges. Visitors would simply select the gift basket they wish to purchase, enter payment information, and type in who the basket is for, when they prefer delivery and delivery instruction. The site can be marketed and promoted by initiating a direct mail and e-mail campaign aimed at corporations, event planners, and real estate agents, as often these individuals and companies send gift baskets to clients and business associates. The gift baskets can be warehoused in one central location and courier companies can be contracted for delivery purposes.
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