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Nostalgia Store

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  Nostalgia Store business.

  Business Overview

  Everything old is new again, especially collectibles and novelties from the 1940s, '50s, and '60s.
  Opening a nostalgia store is a great retail business enterprise to set in motion. The profit potential is excellent, consumer demand is proven and growing, and the business can be started on a relatively modest investment of less than $20,000. Once again, starting a retail business does not limit you to only a 'bricks and mortar' operating format. The nostalgia products can also be retailed or sold on the Web, a sales kiosk or booth, by mail order, or a combination of all of these marketing or retailing methods. As with many business ventures, success lies within the ability to attract customer's attention, not within the method of distribution or sales. Overall, starting a business retailing nostalgia items is a great new business enterprise, and some items depending on their rarity can be sold at tremendous profit markups.
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