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Long-Life Light Bulbs

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  Long-Life Light Bulbs business.

  Business Overview

  Do you want to potentially earn a six-figure yearly income from owning and operating your own homebased business? If so, consider starting a business that specializes in selling and installing long-life light bulbs for commercial and residential applications. Long-life light bulbs not only last as much as ten times longer than traditional light bulbs, but they also can consume less than half the energy requirements to run than a standard light bulb. That's good news considering the skyrocketing cost of electricity. These two facts make for a very interesting business opportunity. If you can show home and business owners that they can save utility costs by installing a light bulb that uses less energy and lasts longer than a standard light bulb, then this is the basis of the business and making money. There are many manufacturers of long-life light bulbs, so securing a wholesale source will not be difficult. The only tools required to install the light bulbs will be a couple of ladders and a few basic hand tools to remove light covers. Look to market the light bulbs to potential customers who have the most to gain in terms of cost savings. Good candidates will include retail chain stores, government agencies, school boards, residential strata corporations, property management firms, office buildings, and community and recreational centers.
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