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  Solar Products business.

  Business Overview

  More and more North Americans are starting to realize that we must take care of the environment and look for alternate ways to power our lifestyles. You can sell solar-powered products, such as lights and battery systems, as well as wind-powered generators and solar cell storage systems for big profits. Here are a few suggestions to increase business revenues:
  *. Hire a direct sales team to call on and solicit business from property developers and contractors for sales and installation of solar-powered products for their new housing developments and construction projects.
  *. Stock and sell solar-powered products that can be of value to all industries and markets, such as solar chargers for batteries as used on pleasure boats.
  *. Design and build an elaborate display featuring solar-powered products, and use the display to promote the business and sell the products at trade shows, home and garden shows, and community events.
  *. Seek out manufacturers of solar-powered products and establish an exclusive sales and distribution contract for their products to be handled by your company. The products can then be sold to national retailers on a wholesale basis.
  *. Establish alliances with various government agencies that would be willing to provide consumers with product discounts for switching from electric to solar-powered household products. Of course, your business would be the supplier of the products for the energy conservation program.
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