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Cigar Sales

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  Cigar Sales business.

  Business Overview

  Across the United States millions of dollars' worth of cigars are sold monthly and some of these cigars sell for $250 or more each. Thus securing just a small portion of this very lucrative market has the potential to make you rich. Once you have secured a wholesale source for purchasing cigars, here are a few ways to retail them for a profit:
  *. Establish a small kiosk in a mall or market location for selling cigars.
  *. Employ direct sales teams remunerated by way of commission based on their sales.
  *. Initiate a direct-mail and e-mail campaign aimed at corporations to purchase the cigars to give to valued clients and business associates as gifts.
  *. Purchase vending machines and stock these machines with cigars for sale. The machine will have to be 'minihumidors' and can be located in high-traffic gathering places such as restaurants and pubs.
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