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  Roses business.

  Business Overview

  Roses can be purchased in bulk on a wholesale basis for as little as $10 per dozen, and can retail for as much as $5 each or $50 per dozen. Selling the roses is very easy to do. Simply hire individuals to work as street vendors selling roses on a revenue-split basis. Ideal locations for selling the roses include outside restaurants and movie theaters, bus and train stations, and inside pubs and nightclubs, providing permission can be obtained. Consider the following and you'll see why this can be such a profitable business venture to get rolling. You hire 25 street vendors that sell 50 roses each per day at $5 each thus creating gross business revenues of $6,250 per day. Assuming each vendor retains 50 percent of their sales ($125) and the wholesale cost of the roses are $1 each, this example will leave a gross business profit of $1,875 per day. Now that is a lot of profit from a business that is so easy and inexpensive to establish. Additionally, be sure to check into local vending laws in your community as they vary across the country.
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