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Multilevel Marketing

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  Multilevel Marketing business.

  Business Overview

  Most people reading this book have or will at some point get involved with a multilevel marketing business opportunity, and some will make money and some will lose money. However, the vast majority will lose money. Why? There are many reasons, but without question the number one reason that people will lose money with a multilevel marketing opportunity is lack of planning. Multilevel marketing is no different from any other new business start-up regardless of the promotional hype, and when was the last time you saw a business plan created solely for the purposes of analyzing a multilevel marketing opportunity? I bet the answer is never. If a business plan were created to fully analyze the business and opportunity, it would show that 95 percent of multilevel marketing opportunities simply would not work, thus the creators of the business would not be able to get new people involved based on hype and profit excitement. With that said, I am certainly not suggesting that all multilevel marketing opportunities are bogus. I am simply stating the obvious: a multilevel marketing business opportunity is no different from starting any other business, and sound business judgment and practices must be applied in all aspects of the opportunity, from start to finish.
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