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  Discount Tools business.

  Business Overview

  Tools are one of those things that you can never have enough of, regardless of how much they ever get put to use. Starting a retail business that specializes in selling discount tools is an absolutely fabulous business enterprise to initiate. The start-up investment is relatively low, and the profit potential is outstanding. The best operating format for this type of retailing venture is to hold two or three discount tools sales per month that are very well advertised and promoted in the community where the sales will take place. Good locations for the sales include temporarily renting an empty store in a mall for the week of the sale or having the sale within a large retail store such as a grocery store. There are many excellent locations in every city or community; the key is to secure the best locations in the busiest areas. The tools can be purchased from foreign manufacturers extremely cheaply, especially if the tools are being discontinued or have small flaws. The best types of tools to sell and that have the highest profit margins are tools that retail for less than $50, are small and easy to ship and package, and that are unique.
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