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Hard/Alcohol Flavored Non-Alcoholic Drinks

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  For those who can't drink any more but, miss the flavor or maybe if you like the flavors but, do not drink, you can drink anything from a liquor store legally if underage or at any age. I would rather not incourage kids to try drinking but, maybe if they tasted it, it might take away the thrill and they wouldn't start to begin with. Some people have health problems but like rum, gin, vodka, beers, or wines, flavor and can't drink the real thing.
  I would like to taste the flavors without the damage to the brain. I would like to be a professional at the taste of all wines, beers, and hard alcohols and it would help anyone who wants to learn to be a bar tender but, doesn't like to drink alcohol or someone who has to stay away from alcohol. There would be any use from cooking to candy. Unlimited uses for non-alcoholic drinks that taste like the real thing.
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