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Pinball Machines

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  Pinball Machines business.

  Business Overview

  How do you make money selling pinball machines? You buy them at bargain prices and resell them for a profit. Older style pinball machines from the 1960s and '70s are currently riding a tidal wave of popularity, as collectors from around the globe vie to build the ultimate collection of arcade pinball machines. There are really two aspects to the business, the first being the ability to locate the pinball machines, and the second aspect is locating the collectors to purchase the pinball machines. Locating the pinball machines will take some legwork and time searching classified sections of newspapers, garage sales, flea markets, and the Internet. In terms of locating purchasers for the pinball machine, look no further than the Internet. You can develop a Web site featuring the pinball machines for sale, or post advertisements in the various newsgroups on the Internet.
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