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Distress Sales

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  Distress Sales business.

  Business Overview

  A distress sale is simply an item that a person desperately wants to sell or must sell. You see the ads all the time in the classifieds section of your local newspaper; 'pool table for sale must sell now, call ...' Amazingly enough money can be earned by purchasing items in a distress sale situation for pennies on the dollar and reselling the same item for a profit. There are basically two methods of buying distress sale items cheaply. The first is you scan your local classified ads early each morning and call what appear to be distress sale ads. Be the first person in line to make a low offer; depending on how desperate the situation is will dictate the outcome of the negotiations. The second method is to collect advertisements of products for sale that interest you and wait at least four weeks. Once four weeks have passed begin to call these vendors to see if they still have this item for sale. If so, often a low-ball offer will buy it simply because the seller is sick and tired of waiting. You must be a strong negotiator and the item you are buying must be bought cheaply and be an easily resaleable item.
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