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Online Military Collectibles

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  Online Military Collectibles business.

  Business Overview

  Worldwide there are millions of people who collect military items such as helmets, guns, knives, and medals as a hobby and for profit. You can capitalize on this fact and earn money by posting a Web site to the Internet that is devoted to bringing collectors of military items together to buy, sell, and trade. The site can feature a chat room for visitors to exchange information about military collectibles as well as guides that list the value of these items ranked by condition. In terms of creating a revenue stream, you have options, including:
  *. Developing a military collectibles auction service within the site.
  *. Charging collectors a fee to post items for sale within the classifieds section of the site.
  *. Selling banner advertising space to companies that want exposure in this type of site.
  *. Selling replicas of military collectibles and other items such as print-format valuation guides.
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