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  Woodcrafts business.

  Business Overview

  If you love to sell then this is the right low-investment business opportunity for you to start. Most woodcrafts are sold via craft shows and flea markets, and these retailing forums are not suited for wall flowers. You will need to be a showperson in order to make money and not just pass time. Likewise the selling aspect is also what keeps many people that produce beautiful woodcraft items from ever realizing a profit from their work. Now we have a match made in heaven. Find woodcraft artists and use your marketing and sales abilities to promote and sell their products. In exchange for providing this valuable service, charge a 25 percent commission on all products sold. You will be responsible for the costs associated with renting booth space at these shows. However, maintaining sales of $2,000 per show and paying an average booth rent of $100 will still leave you a profit of $400 for a weekend's work.
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