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Kitchen and Bath Acessories

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  Kitchen and Bath Acessories business.

  Business Overview

  Kitchen and bath accessories shops have become extremely popular in the past decade and are springing up in every city from coast to coast. Like many specialty retailing businesses, a kitchen and bath boutique has the potential to be profitable as it is not uncommon for owners of these businesses to resell their goods for two or three times more than the wholesale costs. In addition to walk-in customers, be sure to promote the store to interior decorators and architects, as they can be both an excellent source for business and will generate referrals via word-of-mouth advertising. Stock items that are commonly found in today's kitchens and bathrooms, such as towel racks and stands, spice holders, specialty soaps, custom cabinet hardware, and more. Ideally, the store will be located in a high-traffic area of the community, such as a mall, strip plaza, or public market. Cross promotions and advertising campaigns with kitchen and bath contractors can also be used as a terrific promotional and marketing method. In the past decade kitchen and bathroom renovations have continually ranked as the first and second most popular home improvement project carried out by homeowners. The future for this type of specialty retailing can best be described as a growth market with huge upside potential.
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