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  Battery Kiosk business.

  Business Overview

  The wave of the future for manufactured electronic goods is wireless, and manufacturers have but one option to power these products: batteries. Telephones, computers, radios, and more, consumers want electronic goods that are portable and that they can use just about anywhere. For the innovative entrepreneur an outstanding business opportunity awaits by starting a business that specializes in retailing batteries for consumer electronics products. This type of specialty retailing is ideal for kiosk sales. Get started by having a kiosk professionally designed and constructed and by securing a high-traffic location for the kiosk in a mall or public market. The types of batteries that you can stock and sell are almost unlimited and include batteries for cellular telephones, laptop computers, wristwatches, camcorders, and can even include highly specialized batteries, such as wheelchair and motorcycle batteries. In addition to retailing the batteries from a kiosk location, also be sure to market your products via the Internet, especially for the more highly specialized batteries. Securing multiple wholesale sources for the batteries will not prove difficult, as there are thousands of battery manufacturers and distributors worldwide, and harnessing the power of the Internet for research purposes is a good starting point. The start-up costs for this venture will be high, but the profit potential is fantastic. It is not uncommon for batteries to be marked up by 200 percent or more for retail sales.
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