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  Jewelry Kiosk business.

  Business Overview

  Billions of dollars worth of nonprecious gem and costume jewelry is sold annually in the United States, and staking your claim in this very lucrative industry may be easier than you think. The jewelry can be sold from a kiosk located in a mall, or by renting booth space at weekend flea markets and community markets. You can also sell the jewelry by employing independent sales contractors to host home shopping parties. Harness the power of the Internet to locate wholesale sources directly from manufacturers and distributors of jewelry items. Additional items that are also very profitable and that can be sold from the same kiosk include watches, sunglasses, and small gift items. It is not uncommon for nonprecious jewelry items to be marked up by 200 percent or more for retail sales, making this a potentially very profitable business to operate even on a part-time basis.
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