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Air and Water Filtration Systems

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  Air and Water Filtration Systems business.

  Business Overview

  Cash in on the clean water and air phenomenon by starting a business that sells and installs air and water filtration systems. The objective for operating this business is crystal clear; buy your air and water filter products and systems on a wholesale basis and resell them for a profit. Installations will not prove difficult as most air filtering devices are simple plug-in models, and water filters are generally installed inline. Inline refers to a quick attachment of the water filter to an existing water line, whether at the intake source into the home or business or under the sink counter. There are many marketing methods that can be employed to sell the air and water filters. These methods include telemarketing followed up by an in-home sales presentation or door-to-door cold calling to both residential and commercial clients. You can also display your products at trade shows and in malls to collect qualified sales leads. Be forewarned this is a very competitive industry and to succeed will require careful planning and clever marketing. However, with that said, air and water pollution is on the rise and the long term prognosis for this industry can only be described as excellent.
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