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Peephole Installation

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  Peephole Installation business.

  Business Overview

  Calling all university and college students. Are you seeking to start a business that can generate an excellent part-time income as well as be started for peanuts? If so, consider starting a business that installs security peepholes, as it will sure beat flipping burgers on weekends. Millions of homes, apartments, and condominiums in the United States have older-style solid-wood or metal doors that do not have security peepholes, as the practice of installing peepholes into doors did not take off until the mid-1970s. This means there are millions of potential customers just waiting for you to come by and install a peephole. To market these services, simply go door to door and explain the security benefits of a peephole to the residents of the home. The peepholes are easy to install and generally take less than five minutes to complete.
  requirements: The requirements for starting this sort of security enterprise are minimal. There are no regulations to comply with, and the equipment needed for the installations amounts to no more than a cordless drill and a few drill bits. Additionally, consider purchasing liability insurance just in case a door is damaged during the installation process.
  start-up costs: The investment needed to get the business rolling is also minimal. Peepholes can be purchased in bulk from wholesalers for less than $3 each. A good quality cordless drill and drill bits will cost less than $200, bringing the total start-up costs to less than $500. The income potential is outstanding, as you can easily charge $20 to $25 for each peephole installed while the cost to purchase the product is less than $5 each.
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