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Security and Safety Mirrors

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  Security and Safety Mirrors business.

  Business Overview

  In spite of the popularity of security video cameras, security mirrors will always be a popular choice for merchants to purchase and install. Unlike security cameras that may indicate a theft or shoplifting problem hours after the incident, security mirrors enable shopkeepers to keep an eye on their valuable inventory in real time. The market for security mirrors is almost unlimited, as there are millions of potential customers right now, and thousands more retail stores open for business on a daily basis in the United States. The easiest way to market this business is to simply design marketing brochures and solicit door-to-door directly. Providing you can explain all the details in regards to the benefits that the security mirrors will have for customers, you should easily be able to achieve a 25 percent closing rate on all presentations.
  requirements: Outside of a business license there are no legal restrictions or certifications that must be complied with in regards to starting a business installing security mirrors. The only equipment needed for this business venture is a couple of good quality stepladders and a cordless drill. The best aspect about starting this business is the fact that there are virtually no special skills required; anyone can install security mirrors.
  start-up costs: The following example can be used as a guideline to establish the investment needed to start a security mirror installation service.    Low High  Installation vehicle (used) $2,500 $5,000  Installation equipment $500 $1,000  Initial inventory $500 $1,000  Business setup, legal, banking, etc. $250 $500  Initial advertising and   marketing budget $250 $500  Working capital $1,000 $2,000  Total start-up investment $5,000 $10,000  profit potential: Even for a small one-person security mirror sales and installation business the profit potential is outstanding. The security mirrors vary in cost as to the size of the mirror and if the mirror is plastic or glass. A small 24-inch security mirror can be purchased wholesale for less than $30, and the current retail price for the same size mirror is $125 for the mirror and installation. Two simple 30-minute jobs per day can create a gross profit of over $4,000 per month.
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