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Counterfeit Detection Equipment

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  Counterfeit Detection Equipment business.

  Business Overview

  Counterfeit currency remains a problem for retailers, and costs all of us millions of dollars each year as a result of retail prices increasing to help offset these financial losses. Selling counterfeit detection equipment to retailers does not require a lot of experience in the industry, but like any sales-based business it does require good marketing and salesmanship skills. The key to success in this type of security business is not to sell to the retailer with one location, but to target retailers with multiple store locations. Additionally, one of the first steps to be taken prior to establishing the business will be to source a manufacturer of the equipment and negotiate an exclusive sales and distribution contract that services your particular community, city, or state. Providing a 50 percent markup can be maintained on all counterfeit detection equipment sold, and the business can achieve annual sales revenues of $250,000 the business would then generate a gross profit prior to taxes and operating costs of $85,000 per year.
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