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Construction Lock-Up Service

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  Construction Lock-Up Service business.

  Business Overview

  On any medium-sized construction site there are hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of building materials and tools around at any given time, making construction sites a prime target for thieves. Starting a construction lock-up security service is not only a service that is in high demand; the business also has the ability to generate profits that are well into the six-figure range. The focus of the service should be a one-stop approach to construction lock-up and security services, and provide clients optional services like security patrols, security storage locker rentals for tools, portable security fencing rentals, and site trailer rentals. A construction lock-up security service will appeal to a wide variety of potential customers including property developers, commercial contractors, home renovation companies, demolition contractors, and even film and TV production companies. The best way to market the security services is to hire sales professionals on a commissioned basis. The sales professionals can solicit business for the security service, as well as up-sell customers into various security services the business offers. Additional revenues can be earned by providing contractors with employee safety instruction, as well as providing road contractors with flag persons and traffic control service.
  requirements: There are few legal requirements for starting a construction lock-up security service except any security staff or guards must be certified and bonded. Also there are the usual requirements such as a business license and liability insurance. Additionally, be sure to purchase business interruption and theft insurance in case your own business becomes the victim of theft.
  start-up costs: The investment needed to start a construction lock-up service will greatly vary as to the size of the business, and the number of different services the business provides for clients. However, a small construction lock-up service can be started for less than $20,000 while a larger service will cost in excess of $50,000 to start.
  profit potential: Profit potential range is $25,000 to $200,000 per year.
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