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Back-Up Generator Sales

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  Back-Up Generator Sales business.

  Business Overview

  Selling, repairing, and installing emergency back-up generator systems is a fantastic business venture to set in motion. Why would anyone need a back-up generator you may be asking yourself? Floods, earthquakes, ice storms, and power outages are a few of the reasons, not to mention the fact that many businesses rely heavily on a constant energy supply that when interrupted even for a few minutes can cause millions of dollars in damages. Ideally, you will want to sell generator systems to customers who will also sign up for a regular maintenance contract, as this is a method to secure long-term,, ongoing, residual income from the initial sale. It is always easier to succeed in business if you have 100 regular clients utilizing your service ten times per year than it is to have to find 1,000 new clients per year. Profit potential range is $25,000+ per year.
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