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Charity Auction Service

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  Charity Auction Service business.

  Business Overview

  One of the best methods for charities to raise funds for their particular need is to host a charity auction. Typically, local merchants will donate products and services to be auctioned.
  The focus of this business start-up is to act as the auctioneer as well as solicit local business owners for donations of products and services to be auctioned, and organize the entire auction event. In exchange for your services you would keep 20 percent of the total revenue generated while the charity would retain the balance. If you hold one charity auction per month that generates total sales of $20,000 each, the commissions for your charity auction service would be $48,000 per year. The best charities to build alliances with are local ones that serve the community exclusively. Note: An auctioneer's license may be required to operate this service, check with local authorities.
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