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Online Charity Auction Service

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  Online Charity Auction Service business.

  Business Overview

  Take charity auctions into the high-tech world of the Internet by developing and posting a Web site that exclusively features items for auction with the proceeds benefiting charities. The site would operate like any other online auction with the exception of the endorsement of one or more well-known charities. To get started you will first have to build an alliance with a charity. Ideally, this charity will be nationally recognized. Once you have an agreement with a charity in place and all the legal aspects have been ironed out, you can set about securing products and service to be featured in the online charity. As a method of obtaining products and services for auction, employ subcontract fundraising consultants to solicit corporations and small businesses coast to coast for donations of products and services. The consultants could be paid a commission based on a percentage of the auction value for the items they obtained. Once again, be sure to check the legalities of this system. Keep in mind your cut of the proceeds will have to be large, perhaps even in the range of 75 percent, to cover the costs of marketing and promoting the site as well as the fixed operational overheads of the site. However, the charity would still stand to benefit by as much as 25 percent of revenues generated and should the site create auction revenues in the six-figure range yearly that would add up to $250,000+ for the charity.
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