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  Showroom Designer business.

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  Business owners who design their own retail showrooms waste millions of dollars each year. Why? Because in most cases the showroom that they have designed themselves in an effort to save money is very ineffective and as a result, can cost their business lost sales and profits. Showrooms must be visually appealing, customer-friendly in terms of traffic pattern and ease of locating a product, and functional for staff. As a showroom designer you can utilize all your creative talent and design experience to build a very successful and rewarding career. The business does not require a great deal of capital to start. However, experience and design knowledge will be required in order for this new venture to succeed. Teaming with commercial interior decorators is a very good entry point into this segment of the design industry. Additional revenue sources include providing clients with a window display service, renting props for showroom displays, and special sales and promotional events. Be sure not to limit your marketing efforts strictly on new store openings, as for every new store that opens there are 100 times as many existing stores that would benefit from having their showroom redesigned and may be more open to this type of service.
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