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Errand ServiceLess than $1,000

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  Errand ServiceLess than $1,000 business.

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  Busy lifestyles dictate that many business owners and professionals do not have time for even the simplest of errands like taking the dog to the veterinarian. An errand service can be set up for peanuts and operated with the aid of a cellular telephone. Creating a marketing brochure that explains your service can be your best tool to attract new clients. The brochures can be distributed to business owners and professionals. Likewise a few promotional items such as pens and memo pads emblazoned with your company logo, name, and telephone number will go a long way as a gentle reminder of your fast, reliable, and affordable errand service. Attending just a few business association or networking meetings can easily secure a few dozen clients for this service. Remember this is the kind of business that can be supported 100 percent by referrals and word-of-mouth once established. The main objective is customer satisfaction, due to the fact that customer satisfaction is all you are really selling.
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