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  Online Errand Service business.

  Business Overview

  Once again, busy lifestyles means that many people simply do not have enough time to look after life's small tasks, such as running errands. Thus a fantastic online business opportunity is created. Develop an errand service Web site that services your city or community and let people become members for free. All new members would receive a password and a secured errand page. Members wanting errands done would simply log onto the site and their errand page, type in the nature of the errand, and presto! Within 24-hours that task is completed. Errands could include pickup and drop-off of dry cleaning, picking up a bag of groceries, or taking the dog to the veterinarian. You can establish a system wherein all new errands logged in by members would automatically load into one central page of the site. These errands can then be e-mailed or faxed to your subcontract errand drivers and employees for completion. To keep bookkeeping easy a flat rate or fee for each errand can be charged, plus the cost if any for products or services that may have to be paid for in association with the errand.
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