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Litter Pickup Service

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  Litter Pickup Service business.

  Business Overview

  Starting a litter pickup service only requires a small investment and a few basic tools, such as garbage cans, shovels, and rakes. You can create your own low-cost promotional brochure that explains the benefits that a neat and tidy parking lot and entrance can have for a business, in terms of a customer's first impression. Like any service business, your goal should be to establish a monthly service contract with clients for providing the litter pickup service. A good rate to charge for your service would be about $60 dollars per month for an average size parking lot and entrance area. In exchange the business owner would receive a weekly visit to their site in which you would pick up and remove all litter, as well as remove any simple stains on pavement and sidewalk surfaces. Each visit should only average about a half-hour in time and this quick and simple pricing formula can earn you $30 per hour.
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