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  Limousine Service business.

  Business Overview

  The two most important requirements prior to starting a limousine service are to check in your local area to see if officials are awarding any further limousine vehicle licenses. If not, how much will it cost to secure one of these licenses through a resale opportunity? The next requirement is to secure a chauffeur driver's certificate. This step is relatively simple and only requires a written exam and practical road test to be successfully completed. Providing you meet these requirements, starting a limousine service is a terrific way to earn a very good living while being your own boss. In recent years many limousine companies have been turning away from the traditional stretch car format in favor of vans and large sport utility vehicles to serve as limousines. There are numerous reasons why this is being done and why you may want to also consider these types of vehicles for your own service. The first is that these vehicles are less costly and more practical. The second and perhaps more important reason is using this kind of transportation offers the occupants more privacy and security, which can be very crucial for corporate and celebrity clients. The financially cautious entrepreneur seeking to get into this business can start by working on a subcontract basis as a driver for companies that have the transportation but need drivers. In addition to providing corporate clients with limousine services, you can also offer wedding limousines, party and prom limousines, and airport shuttles. All can be marketed by establishing alliances with wedding and event planners and with hotels, convention centers, and business associations and networking groups.
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