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Auction Buyer Service

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  Auction Buyer Service business.

  Business Overview

  Until the day arrives that all auctions take place via the Internet, there will always be a need for an auction buyer service. In a nutshell, an auction buyer is a person who takes the place of the purchaser at an auction when the purchaser is unable to attend. An auction buyer's service is very inexpensive to start, and clients can be gained through promoting your service in all traditional print media, as well as electronically over the Internet and through e-mails. Remuneration can be by way of a commission on the value of items purchased on behalf of clients, or on a flat-fee basis. Ideally you want to have several clients that you are representing at any one auction. This business start-up will really be of interest to those who have special skills and abilities, such as an art appraiser or antique car appraiser. The more specialized you make your service, the better the chance to eliminate competitors and the greater chance to increase revenues and profits.
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