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  Event Planner business.

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  There are basically two types of special events that take place: commercial events that have been specifically created to generate a profit such as a sales seminar, or special events of a social nature such as a wedding anniversary. Many will argue that there are an unlimited number of special events held annually in this country. However, at the core all will fall into one of these two categories. This is the starting point for starting an event planning service. Will the service focus on events of a commercial or social nature, or both? Catering to both is not recommended. To be considered successful, a commercial event must make money for the host or have the potential to pay back in the future. A social event will be considered successful by the number of accolades the guests provide, such as 'this was the best picnic I have ever attended.' I'm purposely focusing on the two types of events and not on what the duties are simply because the duties of an event planner are obvious, but the purpose is not as obvious. This fact is why you will want to specialize in the types of events you plan. Commercial clients that make money from the event you planned will be quick to refer or use your service again. People who you have planned social events for that went off without a hitch will also be quick to refer your service or use it again. However, as old as this cliché may be, it's true; a happy customer will tell one person about their experience with your business, a dissatisfied customer will tell ten people about their experience with your business. Hence the importance of specialization in business.
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