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Plastic Laminating

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  Plastic Laminating business.

  Business Overview

  Investing a few thousand dollars into laminating equipment is the first step toward starting your own part-time homebased plastic laminating business. This is one of those little known business opportunities that really has the potential to generate excellent profits for entrepreneurs with strong marketing skills. There are numerous items that can be laminated in plastic including restaurant menus, brochures, business presentations, identification cards, and place cards. There are also heat laminating presses available that will enable you to laminate items up to 48 inches in width. Having the availability to laminate items in plastic to that width opens up further opportunities for profits from laminating movie posters, maps, and charts for boaters and divers. Market the service directly to restaurants and to small print and copy shops that do not currently provide laminating options. Great add-on services to boost revenues include bookbinding and repairs, digital color printing, and a scanner service. Once word is out, the business can largely be supported by repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.
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