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Garage and Estate Sale Promoter

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  Garage and Estate Sale Promoter business.

  Business Overview

  Excellent profits await the entrepreneurs that possess good marketing and organizational skills by starting a business that promotes and hosts garage and estate sales. Garage, lawn, and estate sales are a popular weekend event in every community across North America. Operating as a garage and estate sale promoter you can provide clients who do not have the time to hold their own garage sale with the service of organizing and operating the sale for them. Your duties will include promoting, organizing, displaying, and selling the items, and cleaning up after everyone has gone home. In a nutshell, it's your client's sale, at their location, with their stuff for sale, but with you as the ringmaster who has organized and carried out the event. Of course in exchange for providing this valuable service you retain a percentage of the total revenues the sale creates. Typically, the commission will be in the range of 20 percent for larger sales, and up to 50 percent of revenues for smaller sales. Generally you won't find many clients that will complain about surrendering a percentage of the sales, simply because if it wasn't for your service there is a good chance that the sale would not take place.
  The key to success in this type of business is promotion. Once you have secured a client, be sure to canvas the neighborhood and solicit for additional business. Why hold a small sale if you can potentially increase revenues and profits by enlisting neighbors to also provide items to be sold? Market the sale by promoting it in local newspapers that do not charge for classified ads or that do not charge for garage sale notices. Also have large signs made that can be temporarily installed on telephone poles in the area that the sale is being conducted. To secure future business simply hand out promotional brochures and tell people in attendance about your service. Imagine, hosting one sale per week that generates revenues of $1,000 can earn you as much as $20,000 per year in gross profits. That is an excellent profit potential when you consider that the business can be operated part-time and started on an investment of only a few hundred dollars.
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