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  Online Automotive Parts business.

  Business Overview

  As mentioned above, selling automotive replacement parts for rare, antique, and sports cars can make you rich. A logical approach to mass market an auto replacement parts business to a global marketplace is the Internet. Like many online business opportunities, you have options. The first is to purchase replacement parts at bargain basement prices and resell them for a profit via your own Web site. The second option is to create Internet portals that bring people together who are seeking to buy and sell automotive replacement parts. The latter is the less-costly option to choose and will be the focus of this opportunity. Simply create a Web site with information and services pertaining to automotive replacement parts that can be utilized by car collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. The site can include a directory of parts manufacturers and distributors, as well as a classifieds section that enables visitors to post for sale and wanted notices about automotive parts. To spice up the site, include content that visitors would find interesting, such as car maintenance tips, online mechanics instruction training, and a chat forum for visitors to swap information. Income can be earned by selling books and repair manuals, as well as by selling advertising space in the directory in the form of banners.
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