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Digestable Chewing Gum

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  Have you ever been stuck some place when your chewing gum loses its flavor or it starts to hurt your jaw but, had no where to spit it out? Of course you have.
  Now, with digestable and easy to swallow chewing gum that breaks down in stomache acid and not in your mouth with saliva, you can just swallow it. No mess, no looking for some place to put it.
  What if your school teacher or boss doesn't allow gum chewing? Just bring some easy to swallow gum to work and if they complain, just swallow it, and poof, no evidence left to incriminate you. Other wise, desks and waste baskets will have gum stuck to them for the rest of time as we know it. The time for the switch to easy to swallow and digestable gum has come at last.
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