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Online Boat Broker

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  Online Boat Broker business.

  Business Overview

  Thousands of pleasure boats are bought and sold privately each month in the United States. Developing a Web site that acts as a portal to bring boat buyers and sellers together has the potential to make you rich. You can create a Web site that is categorized by boat style, type, and geographic location. Boat sellers wishing to have their boats listed for sale on the site'including a picture, detailed equipment list, and contact information'would pay a monthly fee for this service. People seeking to buy boats would simply log onto the site, select a category of boat they wanted to buy, and start viewing the listings. You could employ subcontract sales consultants to secure boat listings for the site and pay them by way of a commission for each listing they secured. Given the fact that so many boats are bought and sold annually in this country, securing only a few thousand listings should not prove to be a daunting task. To increase revenues and profits, also seek to secure businesses that sell boating equipment and supplies to be featured advertisers on the site.
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