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Auto Towing

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  Auto Towing business.

  Business Overview

  In many areas of North America obtaining a license to start or operate an automotive towing business can be a frustrating task, as auto-towing licenses are heavily regulated. Some operators of towing companies forego the license entirely and do not provide towing services to the general public; instead they only subcontract their services on an exclusive basis to car dealers and property managers. However, this can still be a risky venture given that it may be difficult to secure proper liability insurance for this type of towing operation. The alternative to waiting to be awarded a towing license is to purchase one from an existing towing operator or company. Purchasing a towing license and tow truck in an urban area can cost you as much as $200,000 with no towing accounts in place. Overall, starting an automotive towing business can be a terrific and profitable business venture, providing a license can be obtained or purchased at a reasonable price.
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