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Boat Moving And Storage

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  Boat Moving And Storage business.

  Business Overview

  Starting a boat moving and storage business requires very careful planning and research in order to be successful. There are a great number of factors to consider, such as business location, type of boat moving and storage service offered, liability insurance, and transportation and equipment considerations. Probably the easiest and least expensive type of boat moving and storage business to start is one that focuses on small pleasure crafts less than 35 feet in length and 10 feet in width. Boats this size do not have special regulation requirements in terms of transporting the boats on public roads. In terms of boat storage, seek to build alliances with public storage centers on a revenue share basis for storing the boats outside. I have a friend who has been in the boat moving and storage business for more than ten years. He operates his business by subcontracting out all moving and storage aspects of the business to qualified contractors, and focuses solely on selling or marketing the service. Perhaps this approach to a boat moving and storage business can also work for you.
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