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Custom Auto Racks

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  Custom Auto Racks business.

  Business Overview

  Custom auto racks that are designed to carry golf equipment, skis, mountain bikes, canoes, and kayaks are the latest rage in the automotive accessories industry. Small retail shops that sell and install these types of auto racks are popping up everywhere across North America. Selling and installing custom auto racks is a very lucrative enterprise to get going as there are many manufacturers of these products. Becoming an authorized factory dealer and installer is easily accomplished. The racks are easy and quick to install and do not require a great amount of mechanical skill or installation equipment and tools. The business is best operated from a small rental location with retailing area and a single garage or drive-in bay for the rack installations. Demand for custom automotive racks is enormous, and securing a 50 percent markup on product costs and charging $30 per hour for installation should not be difficult. Overall this small retail business has the potential to generate a six-figure yearly income for the owner-operator.
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