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Boat Woodwork Refinishing

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  Boat Woodwork Refinishing business.

  Business Overview

  Many power and sailboats have teakwood decks and trim, and anyone familiar with boating knows that the sun and salt water can really take its toll on boat woodwork. Starting a boat woodwork refinishing service is a fantastic small business venture to set in motion. The business can be operated on a mobile basis and managed from a homebased office. Additionally, the tools and equipment needed for refinishing boat woodwork are inexpensive and readily available at any home improvement center. When marketing a woodworking refinishing service to boat owners, consider the following advertising and marketing options:
  *. Join boat and yacht clubs and network with boatowners at club social meetings to promote the woodwork refinishing service.
  *. Hand deliver informational brochures and fliers to boat owners at marinas.
  *. Subcontract your services to established boat repair yards.
  *. Cold call and talk to boat owners at marinas.
  *. Place advertisements in specialty boating publications and newspapers.
  *. Establish alliances with boat brokers and dealers to provide boat woodworking refinishing services prior to the boats being listed for sale or resold.
  To promote the business and create a lot of interest in the woodwork refinishing service, consider purchasing an older wooden boat in poor condition. Refinish half the boat to perfection, and leave the other half in its original decrepit condition. The end result will be an amazing before and after marketing tool that can be displayed at marinas and boat shows to promote the refinishing service.
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