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Van Interior Customizing

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  Van Interior Customizing business.

  Business Overview

  Interior customizing of vans and trucks is big business, especially in the commercial sector for delivery and service vehicles. Starting a business that supplies and installs products for van interiors, such as toolboxes and shelving units is an outstanding new business venture to set in motion. The business can be operated right from a homebased workshop on a full- or part-time basis. The total investment required to get the business rolling can be less than $10,000. To truly succeed in this type of business, consider securing an exclusive dealership from a manufacturer of these types of products. Not only will an exclusive product line give you an advantage over the competition, but it also adds credibility to your business and can be used as a terrific marketing tool. To market this business, simply build alliances with new and used car dealers in your area that can refer your business to their clients, or alternatively, car dealerships can act as sales agents for your products and installation service.
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