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Used Car Sales

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  Used Car Sales business.

  Business Overview

  The objective is clear in the used car sales game: buy low and sell high. The average new car now costs in excess of $20,000, placing this major purchase out of the reach of many people. Because of this, many people buy secondhand transportation. The main requirement for starting a used car sales business is a car sellers permit. You will need a business location with good street visibility and an initial inventory of cars to sell. Buying used cars for resale can be accomplished in a few ways, including buying from new car dealers who take trades but do not sell used cars beyond a certain age (usually six years old) or by attending automotive auctions for dealers, which generally feature lease returned cars and repossessed cars. Of course, the third option is to scan your local newspaper and purchase privately owned cars for sale. This is a good way of acquiring an initial inventory, providing your negotiation skills are good and you have the time.
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