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  Model Boats business.

  Business Overview

  Large and elaborate models of sailing schooners and war destroyers are highly sought after by individual collectors and by professionals for office decorations. Starting a business that sells completed model boats is a fantastic new money making enterprise to set in motion. Don't worry that you do not have the skills to build the model boats, as there are thousands of people who do, and seeking out only a handful of these hobby model boat builders will keep your inventory levels high. As important as the model boat is to the success of the business, of equal importance is the way in which the model boat is displayed. The display cases should be made of clear glass to properly present the model boats, and in the case of larger models the glass should be tempered safety glass, especially if the finished model will be displayed in an office or public area. The profit potential is outstanding for this type of unique business, as many model boats sell for as much as $2,500 each or more.
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