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  Moped Tours business.

  Business Overview

  Calling all adventurous entrepreneurs seeking to start a business that could prove to be not only profitable, but also a lot of fun to operate. In almost every community in the United States and Canada, a motorcycle permit is not required to operate a moped under a certain engine size. This fact creates an exceptional opportunity to start a moped tour business. Simply purchase six to ten new or used mopeds, supply helmets for the riders, and plan an interesting sightseeing tour in you local community. The tours can feature stops at historical sites, beaches, shopping malls, or just about any other tourist attraction or point of interest. The profit potential for a moped tour business is outstanding, and providing you can secure a mere 40 customers a week and charge $40 per person for a five-hour moped sightseeing tour, the business would stand to generate yearly gross sales in excess of $80,000.
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